Happy to share that the distribution of items for Rotary GG 2012660 COVID-19 items for #Singapore is now underway. We would like to thank all our Singapore and overseas Rotary Clubs and Districts for their kind assistance and support. All Clubs and Districts are kindly acknowledged in the Official Banner for the Project.
This Global Grant (GG), worth USD$132,249 (SGD$188,351), supports the following items for donation to the Ministry of Health, Singapore.
(i) 18,000 Disposable Face shields from Super Pak Manufacturing in Tuas, Singapore
(ii) 4,827 pieces of AAMI Level 3/4 Surgical Gowns sourced from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(iii) 30,000 Reusable Facemasks
These are to be distributed to the community in Singapore, especially to the low-income essential service workers, front line healthcare care workers as well as residents as social welfare homes and organizations.
On 18 September 2020, 5 Rotarians from RC Singapore and RC Bugis Junction, representing the Rotary Clubs and Districts sponsoring this GG 2012660, inspected the 18,000 Disposable Face shield items that are ready for donation to the Ministry of Health, Singapore.
Project Coordinators - Roger Ng, Ng Yaw Hua, Shahul Hameed