Hayden Hughes - "Is the Arrival of AI a bad thing for society?"
Hayden is an investor, entrepreneur, and advisor. Since 2017, he has spent his time focused on Web3. He has founded 4 start-ups, and is currently the Co-Founder of Alpha Impact, a crpyto-social trading platform.
Cynthia Zhai - "You are your own voice"
Cynthia is a voice coach, a professional speaker (CSP), and best-selling author. She has helped professionals from 46 countries across 6 continents to speak with a powerful voice.
Sissi Goh - "How not to lose the billion dollars you didn't know you had"
Sissi is an award-winning author of the book "Wealth Management isn't just for the rich". She advises clients across the whole spectrum of wealth management and specialise in family inheritance and succession planning.