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Club Heal Pasir Ris Center
Blk 148, Pasir Ris Street 13

To All Members,

If you have not signed up for the Club Heal, Healing Friends Training and is able to participate on the 15 of September, just let me know.  Thank you . Please see below:

The Vocational Service Committee (VSC) in collaboration with Community Service Committee (CSC)has arranged an opportunity for all Rotarians  and spouses from our club to be trained by “Club Heal”on how to “act and react” with persons with mental illness.

Club Heal is a voluntary organisation that works with persons with mental illness to help them  regain confidence in themselves and others in their journey towards community integration. They have a program called “ Healing Friends Training” . This Training provides volunteers with the necessary skills to build a therapeutic relationship with the person with mental illness on their road to recovery. The volunteer is the “befriender”.

Rotarians will be trained free of charge and there is no obligation for us to be a volunteer unless we choose to do so.

Several years ago (2013) our Club through a global grant project supported Club Heal with $36,000 to train 150 volunteers. They were non Rotarians volunteers.

The opportunity now is for this training to be given to Rotarians of our club and spouses. The purpose of the training is so that we are equipped with the skills that could become useful for us all. My Wife sometime tells me that “I am mad”. For this I am encouraging her to take the course in the same way she encouraged me to take the clean hands course last VSC year. So I can now work in her kitchen at home. Ha ha!

Of course you will be encouraged to volunteer if you have the time and inclination to work  as a “befriender” at Club Heal after the training. It’s a good thing but that’s up to you.

This project is open to all Rotarians and spouses. You do not need to be a member of VSC or CSC. 

While the training is free we need to contribute $10 per person for refreshments  to be served that day.

Date of Training : Saturday 15 September 2018

Place of trading: Club Heal Pasir Ris Center,

Blk 148, Pasir Ris Street 13, #01-24, Singapore 510148

Time: 9am to 5.30pm

Subjects covered: Understanding mental illness;Rehab and Recovery;Effective Communication;Handling Crises- Violence , Suicide; and Community Support

Course fee: Nil

We look forward to your participation. It is a skill worth learning. You never know when a friend or a friend of a friend needs help. Under the circumstances much like CPR  and Heart Attack we will then be able to, at least “act and react” appropriately.

Please respond by 1st of September 2018.  Thank you

PP Peter Tan

On behalf of VSC and CSC

Rotary Club of Singapore