Congratulations to the Artisan of the Year Award 2023 winners –
Mr. Charlie Lim & Christine Tan
Christine Tan Siew Yin, Pottery Artist 
Christine is the Founder of Awful Grace. Together with volunteers at Awful Grace, she works with prisoners and their families, and at-risk youths, in addition to other disenfranchised communities in Singapore and around the world. She is passionate about establishing a global social purpose movement that addresses social injustices.
Christine is a clinical counsellor and traumatologist. Her counselling credentials include a Post-Graduate Diploma and a Master of Arts in Counselling. She is also a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin (USA) in Psychology and in Business Administration and holds a Masters in International Relations from Baylor University.
Charlie Lim, Paintographer
Charlie Lim, “Talking Walls” personalized artwork, “Light Paintography”, uses light sources as a paint effect in photography.

Charlie Lim is professionally trained in Advertising and Commercial Photography. As a creative with varied talents and foresight, his projects have spanned diverse subjects, such as Corporate / Portraits / Food / Products / Advertising, and Wedding Photography.

Charlie has developed a new art form that he calls “Paintography”, which dwells on the boundaries of fine art and photography. In his portraitures, Charlie employs a Baroque approach of the dramatic play of light and shadow where he “paints” his figures in the dark with a light source.  The results resemble Rembrandt’s paintings.

Charlie’s “Paintography” had media coverage in countries like Australia, the U.K., the Philippines, India, Vietnam, and Singapore.  His works were also featured on Vietnam TV on 4 occasions between 2014/15. TV Taiwan in 2016, 4 times on Channel NewsAsia, between 19 Dec 2017 and 27 April 2019.

Charlie has won 14 Nominee Awards from the International Color Awards (USA). He was presented The Artivist Award of the Year by Arttour International (New York) in Dec 2019. And his latest achievement has to be the 9th Rotary Club Artisan Award 2023.

The Rotary Club of Singapore is proud to bestow the Artisan of the Year Award 2023 to Mr Charlie Lim & Ms Christine Tan, and encourage them to utilize their craft to benefit society.

More of their work can be seen on their website.

Artisan of the Year Award 2023 Committee & Judges
VP/PN Tom Wolf
Rtn Denis Hew
Rtn Jacqueline


The Artisan of the Year Award, instituted by the Rotary Club of Singapore in Rotary Year 2014-2015, recognizes outstanding individuals who display extraordinary commitment and passion towards their vocation, maintain high ethical standards, and use their vocation to serve society.

For this award, an Artisan refers to anyone who does skilled work and makes things with their hands to serve society (examples - carpenters, chefs, cobblers, jewel makers, potters, tailors, weavers, etc.)

Judging Criteria:
1. Commitment (Does their vocation to the best of their abilities)
2. Passion (Loves their vocation)
3. High Ethical Standards (Always practices fairness in their vocation)
4. Quality craftsmanship from Singapore (high level of workmanship using their hands)

Rotary year Name of Winner
2022/23 Mr Charlie Lim & Ms Christine Tan
2021/22 Mr Victor Tan Wee Tar
2020/21 Mr Steven Low Thia Kwang
2019/20 Mrs Wong Mah Jia Lan
2018/19 Mr Kamal Dollah
2017/18 Mr Kim Whye Kee
2016/17 Mr Sin Jin How
2015/16 Mr Barry Yeow
2014/15 Ms Pearl Yang Yingsu
2013/14 Rtn Teresa “Terry” Maria Lobaton