Global Grants
Classroom-Based Library for Elementary Schools in Cam Lo, Quang Tri, Vietnam - GG1863930  (view approval report)
Status: Approved
The main objectives of this project are to solve the book shortage in Cam Lo District, Quang Tri Province, Vietnam, to introduce the concept of classroom-based library, to provide contemporary education to children in remote areas and to promote English learning capacity by English comic books.
  • Solve the shortage of books for school in Cam Lo
  • Teachers, students, educators understand the use of classroom-based library
  • Provide contemporary literacy of the world to the children in remote areas
  • Promote English learning capacity by English comic books
Number of people directly benefiting from project: 2,500+
Water and Sanitation for The Ethnic Minority community in A Luoi, Hue, Vietnam - GG1746552  (view final report)
Status: Completed
To provide safe water, hygienic latrine and WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) training to the ethnic minority in Huong Nguyen commune, A Luoi, Vietnam.
  • Installing a new water supply system to provide clean, safe water for all families in Huong nguyen.
  • Constructing new latrines with composting technique to improve environment and sanitation in Huong nguyen.
  • Capacity building for local officers and people
  • Trip to visit HueWACO in A luoi for 100 adults and children
Number of people directly benefiting from project: 1252
OPERATION UPLIFT SALLACONG - GG1416669 (view final report)
Status: Completed
The 'Operation Uplift Sallacong' is a multifaceted program to uplift Sallacong Elementary School and its entire community, the Barangay San Mariano, which was formerly called Sallacong.
  • To provide a stable water system, secured with fence, which can provide potable water to the entire community including the Sallacong Elementary School.
  • To provide safe and useful latrines that the students and teachers can use in Sallacong Elementary School.
  • To help the community members prevent diseases with Citronella planting to prevent Dengue fever, and conducting 'Cervical Cancer Screening and Awareness' program for cervical cancer and doing 'Minor Surgical, Medical and Dental Mission'.
  • To help in the community economics and financial development by conducting a livelihood program seminar on Citronella production.