This initiative by the Rotary Club of Singapore, launched in March 2023 in partnership with the Hope Initiative Alliance - Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO) was to provide a 6-month cricket program for migrant workers at Tuas South Recreation Centre. Tuas is a remote locality with over 100,000 migrant workers residing in dormitories. Its main objectives were to address the mental and physical wellbeing of migrant workers, offering them a space for recreation, engagement, and a sense of belonging.

The finale of the tournament called Friendship Cup Cricket Tournament, held on September 24, 2023, marked an exhilarating culmination of camaraderie, sportsmanship, and pure excitement.

The program’s architecture was comprehensive: regular cricket sessions, professional coaching, nourishing meals, and essential equipment. The crescendo of this endeavor was a tournament where eight teams comprising 17 members each competed fiercely.

The final showdown between ‘Old is Gold’ and ‘Tuas Best 11’ was nothing short of a spectacle, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats, despite the light drizzle. The match’s live streaming allowed families of the migrant workers to partake in the jubilation, witnessing their loved ones’ passion firsthand.

The electric atmosphere and extraordinary performances showcased the profound love and passion for cricket. Ultimately, the jubilant victory of the ‘Tuas Best 11’ team encapsulated the essence of triumph and teamwork.

The post-match celebrations were filled with exuberance, especially as the winning team joyously chanted "Champions, Champions." The Guest of Honour was PP Peter Tan. The awards were given out by all the Rotarians present there. AGWO also recognised all the volunteers who supported the program over the six month period and the coach, Anand Nandakumar, who worked tirelessly with the participants during the program.

Over the six months of this program, cricket became more than just a game; it became a medium to forge friendships, foster inclusivity, and enhance mental wellbeing among the migrant workers.

A heartfelt thank you to our partners, the Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO) and the Singapore Ministry of Manpower, whose unwavering support and dedication made this event a resounding success. This program stands as a testament to the positive impact that community initiatives, sports, and collaborative partnerships can have on the mental health and overall wellbeing of migrant workers.