Help the Children 2017 - Kota Batu, Indonesia


Article from Malang Post (translated with Google Translate)

The face of 1025 elementary school students is so sunny, Friday (6/10) afternoon yesterday.
Not only did they get stationery, uniforms and various learning needs, the houses were visited by Rotary Club (RC) officials from four countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.
"Thank you, Rotary," the students shouted shortly after receiving help at the East Sang SD Hall, Jalan Panglima Sudirman.
Reno Safaruddin, a grade 6 student of SDN Madiredo 3 Sub Pujon, one of them. With joy he received the gift. "Goods given, this I like," he said with a smile.
This assistance is one of the agenda of Global Grant 1746934, Help The Children 2017 conducted by six Rotary Club together. They come from RC Malang Central, RC Batu, RC Marina City, RC Singapore, RC Taipei and RC Kuching Central.
The event was joined by RC Singapore President, Keith Harrison, RC Marina City President, Jenni Lau, President of RC Kuching Central, Ben Lo, RC Taipei President Kish Chablani, President of RC Malang Central Yeni Prastiwi and President of RC Batu Tiwi Maulidiono.
Also attending the event were ISHK Tolaram Foundation Chairman Mohan Vasmani, Pastor of RC of Singapore Dr Shahul Hammed and Wibi Punjul Santoso, Vice Chairman of PKK Batu City.
"The purpose of this activity, the children can not afford to continue the school," said Yeni Prastiwi, President of RC Malang.
RC provided 1025 school support grants for 1025 students from Batu Town and Pujon Sub-district, Malang Regency. In addition, the RC also conducts 202 teacher training.
This teacher has taken a written test in Unair Surabaya and continued training. In addition, the 6 RCs provide assistance in the form of training for pupils in 16 schools in Kota Batu and Pujon Subdistrict.
Jenni Lau, President of RC Marina City expressed her happiness to meet with the students. He hopes, all the help given this can be useful to boost the spirit of learning. "Hopefully can be used to learn, diligently study yes," Jenni message.