• Bruce Mathieu, 51 years old, sentenced to 20+ years in prison on multiple occasions, received 21 strokes of the cane. Bruce speaks about how he ended up the way he did and how he turned himself around
  • The Singapore Prison Service reported 2539 drug-related admissions in 2019, a steady increase over the 2018 (2248 cases) and 2017 (1962 cases). Out of the 2,539 cases, 2080 were placed in Drug Rehabilitation Centre while 991 were in long-term imprisonment.
  • According to an SPS report in 2020:
    The DRC regime consists of the In-care Phase and the Community-Based Programme (CBP) Phase. During the In-care Phase, abusers go through psychology-based correctional programmes, skills training, as well as family support and religious services, in order to prepare them for reintegration into society after their release. These help abusers deal with the psychological and emotional aspects of their drug abuse, as well as equip them with the knowledge and skills to prevent relapse. Aftercare supervision during the CBP Phase provides abusers with supportive measures that facilitate their reintegration into society.
  • Superintendent of Prisons (SUPT 1A) Loh Hong Wai, Superintendent of the DRC in Institution B5, said, “At the DRC, by understanding the factors that led abusers to use drugs, we are able to tailor our rehabilitation regime accordingly. This helps us to provide structured and evidence-based interventions that are more effective in preventing further drug abuse. Even after their release, we continue to provide support to ease their transition back into the community, giving them a better chance of staying drug-free in the long run.”