How does ISCOS help?
While support and encouragement from loved ones have the highest efficacy in helping an ex-offender reintegrate into society, not every ex-offender has the privilege of a supportive family. Many may not have a family or may be estranged from one.

Support can come different sources. Organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, can ease the re-integration process. Such efforts start while the person is still serving his sentence as part of the prison rehabilitation program. The Industrial and Services Co-operative Society (ISCOS) provide programs that are geared towards enhancing the skill levels of their beneficiaries, connecting them with supportive employers, providing social support through positive peer groups and mentors, building stronger family units and extending academic assistance to their children.

Successful ex-offenders like Whye Kee join ISCOS as a “Titan”, to mentor others from the perspective of someone who has successfully transitioned back to society.