River Safari
  • A joint initiative by YSC & CSC!! Not to forget Rotarians of other clubs and Rotarian spouses …
  • On 12th Nov 2016 a ‘River Safari’ outing was arranged for 30 elderly residents of a local old home.
Rotary Club of Singapore hosted 20 seniors from the South-East Community Development Council at the River Safari in November 2016.  For this event we teamed with 14 Interactors from Tanjong Katong Girls School and Victoria Junior College, along with a Rotarian from Rotary Club of Singapore East and Rotary Club of Johor Straits View. 
It was a terrific day with the seniors each saying thank you and asking the team to take them again next year.  None of the seniors had been to the River Safari and in one case had never been on a bus – so they thought it was a great event.  By the smiles on the Rotarians faces – it was for us as well