• Project: Rotary Eye Hospitals, Joint Projects Of RC Singapore (RI Dist 3310) with RC Aurangabad & RC Buxar  (RI District 3250)
  • Project Start and Completion Date: July 2016 and completed Feb 2017
  • Cost of the project: 620,000 USD. GG 180,000 USD. Balance local donations
  • Award: This project won the Gold award for the Best International Service project at the DISCON in Bangkok , this May 2017-05-21
  1. To build a Long-Term Self Sustaining Project – Rotary Eye Hospitals
  2. To gift eyesight – correcting cataract blindness through intraocular lens surgeries. Cataract is a major cause of vision impairment in Indian low-income settings. It is largely due to reduced access to cataract surgery. Rotary Club of Singapore is partnering with local clubs in rural areas set up Eye Hospitals where modern equipment are installed with Global Grants to provide the best facility for IOL surgeries.
  3. Building a long-lasting Rotary Image in the community. The hospital with a Rotary Logo stands like a monument for efficient & dedicated service.
How many people benefited from the project
  • In the first two years of operation the hospitals are equipped to do 5000 surgeries per annum and 100,000 Eye Screenings per annum.
  • From the 3rd year onwards the hospitals are expected to perform 10,000 IOL surgeries and 200,000 Eye Screenings
  • What are the expected long-term community impacts of the project?
The long-term impact on the community will be “Total Eradication of Blindness due to Cataract” within 100 Km radius of each hospital.
Rotary Impact
  • Our club’s International Rotary connections are stronger as a result of this project
  • Club membership has increased in Aurangabad and Buxar due to this project.
  • Visibility of Rotary in our community has increased