Together with the Centre for Domestic Employees, Singapore Dental Health Foundation, and NTUC Health Denticare, we supported Indonesian domestic worker Khanifah, who was severely physically abused by her employers in 2012. The physical abuse left Khanifah with permanent disfigurements – one of which is the loss of two incisors in her lower jaw and two chipped incisors in her upper jaw.
We extended assistance to Ms Khanifah after learning of her plight. With the consent of her current employer, CDE staff brought Khanifah to consult Rtn Dr Chan Siew Luen, an oral & maxillofacial surgeon in private practice, and Dr Goh Siew Hor, Head of Clinical Services at NTUC Health and President of Singapore Dental Health Foundation.
With the support of Dr Chan, Dr Goh, Rotary Club of Singapore, Singapore Dental Health Foundation, and NTUC Heath Denticare, Khanifah was able to receive dental treatments and dental implants to replace her lost teeth. Now, Khanifah can smile confidently again.
“Terima kasih, CDE, terima kasih, doktor!” said a teary-eyed Khanifah in her native language once she saw her new teeth in the mirror. A simple “Thank You” that came from her heart and touched ours.