ISCOS career fair for ex-offenders
The Rotary Club of Singapore Vocational Service Committee seeks to serve the community through the vocational skills of its Rotarians as well as to provide vocational skills to disadvantaged segments of society i.e. the proverbial “teach a man to fish” instead of just “giving him a fish”.
For the Rotary Year 2020/21, we have chosen the Industrial and Services Co-operative Limited (ISCOS) as a partner in our outreach to ex-offenders in Singapore. ISCOS has identified vocational driving as an accessible skillset that can uplift the living standards of ex-offenders and their families. Having a stable income reduces the recidivism rates and by extension, makes the community safer for everyone.
Watch this space as we speak with two ex-offenders to learn what drove them to crime and subsequently, their road to redemption:
  1. Conversations 1: From Gansgter to Artisan
  2. Conversations 2: From Heroin to Caffeine
In the meantime, we appeal for your generous donations to support our fundraising efforts to subsidise the vocational driving training costs for suitable ex-offenders through our campaign here.