Two Saturdays in a row (8th & 15th August 2020) our Rotarians have been worked in the soup kitchen of Willing Hearts. 
How does Willing Hearts sustain itself? In truth, it is with generous support from friends, volunteers, donors, sponsors, and just about anyone who believes in their cause. It operates a soup kitchen that prepares, cooks, and distributes about 5,000 daily meals to over 40 locations island-wide, 365 days a year. Beneficiaries include the elderly, the disabled, low-income families, children from single-parent families or otherwise poverty-stricken families, and migrant workers in Singapore.
Two Saturdays in a row (8th & 15th August) our Rotarians have been worked in the Soup Kitchen of this organization. Almost 100 hours of our job has been given for the food preparation for the needy communities of Singapore. The cash donations of $2,000 have been collected and delivered to the President of Willing Hearts, Mr. Teh Eng Hua. These funds will be used to buy fruits and vegetables for low-income families.