Community Service

Service defines Rotary's character; whether local or international, it promotes Rotary's appeal and visibility in the community and is the reason Rotary continues to grow.

Community service responds to the needs of a local community. Rotary clubs should determine top priorities for service projects by first learning about a community's needs and assets, and then developing a response that addresses them.

The chairman of the Community Service committee is responsible for all community service activities and supervises and coordinates the work of all sub-committees appointed on particular phases of community service.
The Community Service committee consists of the chairman of the community service committee and the chairmen of all sub-committees appointed on particular phases of community service.

Community Service Projects

Willing Hearts
Willing Hearts sustains itself with generous support from friends, volunteers, donors, sponsors, and just about anyone who believes in their cause. It operates a soup kitchen that prepares, cooks, and distributes about 5,000 daily meals to over 40 locations island-wide, 365 days a year. Beneficiaries include the elderly, the disabled, low-income families, children from single-parent families or otherwise poverty-stricken families, and migrant workers in Singapore.
Two Saturdays in a row (8th & 15th August) our Rotarians have been worked in the Soup Kitchen of this organization. Almost 100 hours of our job has been given for the food preparation for the needy communities of Singapore. The cash donations of $2,000 have been collected and delivered to the President of Willing Hearts, Mr Teh Eng Hua. These funds will be used to buy fruits and vegetables for low-income families.
Food From The Heart
Food from the Heart is an IPC-status food charity that feeds the needy in Singapore. Their food distribution programmes are run with a sustainable charity in mind. This means that they are committed to providing continued food security to their beneficiaries for as long as they need it.
Volunteers from our Rotary Club regularly participate in distributing FFTH food packs, vegetables, eggs and fruits to 59 households. 
Dates of Food Distribution:
17 October 2020
21 November 2020 
19 December 2020 
16 January 2021 - Need Volunteers
6 February 2021 - Need Volunteers
20 March 2021 – Need Volunteers
Contact Rtn Miha (8618 1724) to sign up for volunteering
Mental Harmony and Harmony of Music - Musical Concerts  
August: Zoom concert streamed live on Facebook
November: Concert has been recorded in the Esplanade Recital Studio
Approaching Nursing homes and Homes for the Old age People in regards to the broadcasting of this recorded concert for the residents
Note: this concert is not available for all before we have done a fundraising event. Need marketing and technical volunteers
Details: CSC Chair, Irina Francken (81613972)
Mental Health
Supporting Mental research Center at the NUS - Zoom Webinar on the World Mental Day – Access the event recording by clicking here.
Fundraising by selling Book of Humour (More details here)– need volunteers  
Fundraising by selling Wellbeing Book – need volunteers
For details, please contact CSC Chair, Irina Francken (81613972)
The Saturday Movements
December: Green Hub recycling shop visit – completed  
January: developing this project – need volunteers
Details : Irina Francken and President Dinesh (9784 7080)
Blood Donation Drives
Location Sindhi House supported by Red Cross.
July and October 2020 – completed
January 2021 – blood donors needed
Details: CSC Chair Irina Francken or Rtn Mukund (9662 7237)


Need more Volunteers

We need more volunteers for some of the upcoming projects so please contact the organisers if you can help contribute towards our community in any way. Please reach out to the persons mentioned above for further information.