Vocational Service

As business leaders, Rotarians share their skills and expertise through vocational service, one of the Four Avenues of Service. Your vocational service efforts can play a vital role in improving the quality of life for those hardworking members of the community who need direction and expertise.

By participating in any of a number of vocational service activities - mentoring, career days, vocational awards, business assistance, or even talking about your job at a club meeting - you can turn your experience into an invaluable resource for others.

Focus Areas

  • Four-way Test
  • Vocational Awareness
  • Vocation at Work
  • A Guide to Daily Living

Vocational Service Projects 

Career Preparation Course for Students with Special Needs
The Singapore Ministry of Education estimated that 2.1% of the total student population of approximately 460,000 has a disability. Sensory (hearing and visual impairments) and physical disabilities constitute half of the group and the remainder comprises those with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder.  Close to 10,000 students with special needs are in schools but teaching material and assessments are still not fully accessible. A small percentage are able to reach tertiary educational level but the struggle to gain employment upon graduation continues.
The Rotary Club of Singapore, in collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic, has curated a bespoke career preparation course for students with special needs and it became our Club’s Major Project for the year 2018-19. 16 students attended the course and everyone found the course very useful in preparing them for their careers.
Given the positive feedback and the popular demand for the course, we have decided to support yet another cohort of students this year. Currently, we are raising $16050 (including GST) to support 12 students.
For more information, please contact Rtn SL Chan, VSC Director 2020-21 slchan.rotary@gmail.com
To support this project, please donate generously through any of the following and indicate “VSC-SP”:
  1. PayNow: UEN S61SS0037C
  2. PayPal: http://payments.rotary.org.sg
  3. Bank transfer: UOB 970-345-873-0
  4. Cheque: Payable to “Rotary Club of Singapore – Vocational” and post to 1A International Business Park, #12-02, Singapore 609933
Skill development for Ex-Offenders
In Singapore, 9500 inmates are released from prison annually. However, one in every four will re-offend and go back to prison. (2017 Statistics released by the Singapore Prison Service)
Imprisonment is not solely the problem of the prisoner. It takes a heavy toll on their families and by extension, society. Ex-offenders released from prison struggle financially. Many may have strained family ties and lack positive peer support. Having served jail time also carries a social stigma which makes reintegration into society challenging. Absence of a parent causes children to feel abandoned and to have low self-esteem.
Industrial and Services Co-Operative Society (ISCOS) is a registered charity and an Institute of Public Character that serves to support ex-offenders and their families so that they can lead meaningful and productive lives. It is the only co-operative in Singapore that actively engages the community to help ex-offenders gain a foothold in society.
ISCOS has identified vocational driving as a viable career path for ex-offenders. However, the cost of attaining a driving licence is prohibitive. Rotary Club of Singapore, in collaboration with ISCOS, seeks to raise funds to subsidise the cost of obtaining a driving licence or to upgrade their class of licence.
Our objective is to raised $22500 to provide a subsidy of $1500 to 15 ex-offenders to complete the course and tests in obtaining driving licences (Class 3,4 and 5) over a period of 12 months.
A crowdfunding page has been set up on Giving.sg. Please click here this to support this cause. https://www.giving.sg/campaigns/rotaryforiscos


The Entrepreneur of the Year Award - A Rotary-ASME Award

Enterprises are key drivers of Singapore’s economy and the entrepreneurs behind the success of Singapore companies play a pivotal role in shaping the local business environment.

Inaugurated in 1989 by the Rotary Club of Singapore, The Entrepreneur of the Year Award salutes and honours outstanding local entrepreneurs who have shown outstanding performance as business owners in their chosen field of entrepreneurship.

In 1992, the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME) was invited to join hands with Rotary Club of Singapore as a co-organiser of the Award, resulting in the creation of THE ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR ~ A ROTARY–ASME AWARD.

Today, The Entrepreneur of the Year Award remains one of Singapore’s most prestigious business accolades and is the oldest award for entrepreneurship. Year after year, selected Candidates are put through a rigorous judging process by a panel of eminent businessmen, academics and distinguished individuals before the Top Entrepreneurs and Overall Winner are finally chosen and honoured at an exclusive EYA Award Presentation Ceremony.